Professionals recommend that it is ideal to seal and repaint your wooden deck at intervals no more than one year. Additionally, there is the possibility that you would be faced with a tough decision to make regarding which top coat to use. Either stain, paint or leave it as bare wood.

Stain vs. Paint - Which is Best on FencesTo assist you in making this decision, fence and deck experts measure in on which materials are durable and which ones require the least maintenance. You may ask yourself, why do you need to stain or paint your fence or deck? It is better to stain or paint wood, rather than abandoning it, to protect it from nature.

When the wood is exposed to the sun, rain, snow and dirt, they can all destroy wood. Therefore, to protect it against these weather conditions, you need to waterproof it. Without waterproofing, many decks develop mold.

Staining and painting prevent the wood from twisting and warping. It protects the wood from damage brought about by the sun and rain. Additionally, preserving the life of the fence.

Do you have kids who love walking around barefoot? Coating your deck with either paint or stain is recommended as it prevents the cracking and splitting of the wood. Thus, helps prevent splinters if you have children running around.

Should I use paint or stain?

Use paint on vertical areas, such as deck fences and posts. The stain is only recommended for use on deck floors because such horizontal surfaces experience more foot traffic, therefore, the need for more maintenance. Painting can be more expensive.

Avoid using paint when it comes to deck flooring. It is surprising to know the number of people who believe they can use interior house paint for their decks. Such paint was not made to withstand the climatic conditions. By so doing, you will realize that it starts cracking and peeling.

Additionally, exterior paint does not have the ability to hold up on the deck floor. You require something that is more durable such as stain or sealant. Everything accumulates and settles on the deck, as it is horizontal.

Which among the two needs more maintenance?

Stained wood requires a regular maintenance practice, which many homeowners think of as a drawback. Guilford states that as a homeowner, you should hire someone to real and re-stain your wooden deck at least once every year, with costs ranging from $350 to $1,500. On the other hand, paint on vertical surfaces of your deck can stay for up to five or six years before the need for repainting arises.

Staining costs vs. painting costs

Professionals state that the cost of hiring someone to strip any existing paint or stain from the wood, sand the fence and stain a 350-square-foot deck varies from $1,000 to $3,500. Other stain colors require more layers, thus increasing the cost of both labor and materials.

Remember that most color stains need 24 to 48 hours to dry well, so do not return your deck furniture until it is dry completely. A paint job for a 350-square foot-fencing project can cost about $1,000 to $3,000.