How long do air conditioners last? When is the right time for
a new AC installation? These are some essential questions asked by homeowners. Research
shows that the average lifespan of an air conditioner unit is 10 to 15 years,
depending on the brand, model, and maintenance.

Although all air conditioners undergo problems over time, you
can prevent issues by performing regular maintenance. Experts recommend
bi-annual preventative maintenance to ensure the AC system runs smoothly and
optimally without consuming a lot of energy.

However, if your system is ten
years old
, it is time to think about a new AC installation. Otherwise, you
will end up paying for expensive repairs and won’t enjoy the same cooling or
comfort you had before. Read on!

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

A well-maintained central air conditioner can last more than
15 years. The lifespan of an air conditioner unit depends on various factors,
such as the model, brand, installation, and maintenance.

However, if you suspect the system does not perform optimally
and is on the verge of failure, make an informed decision at the right time
about a new AC installation. Bear in mind that this will save you a lot of
money in the long run.

New AC Installation

The average price of a new AC system is between $5,000 and
$7,000, depending on the model and type of unit you choose. The new AC
installation costs and additional work, including ductwork, can cost up to
$10,000 in total. However, it depends on the company you hire for installation.

When replacing your old system, it is crucial to choose a suitable
unit for your home. Otherwise, you will end up paying more and won’t achieve
your cooling objectives. Here are a few factors you should consider while
choosing or purchasing a new AC system.

Size and Efficacy

Size is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing the
best central air conditioner for your home. The size is usually measured in BTU
per hour. BTU stands for British thermal units, and one tone of cooling is
equal to 12,000 BTU per hour.

It is essential to hire a professional new AC installation
company because its technician will inspect your home and recommend the right
size. The seasonal energy-efficiency rating or SEER is another crucial factor
to consider when buying a new air conditioner.

How long do air conditioners last? We recommend purchasing an
AC system with a SEER rating of 15 or greater. These air conditioners last for
more than 15 years if maintained properly.

Programmable Thermostat

Modern air conditioner systems come with a programmable or
smart thermostat that can automatically adjust the temperature levels to reduce
cooling costs by 10%. Temperature variations depend on your comfort level.

If you purchase an air conditioner with a programmable
thermostat, you can save about 3% on your energy bills. The Department of Energy
recommends buying a central AC system with a smart thermostat for optimal
cooling and lower utility bills.  

Maintenance Requirements

A central AC system needs bi-annual maintenance for its peak
performance. When negotiating new AC installation, make sure you discuss the
service plan with a professional HVAC company. Choose a company that offers
regular checkups, inspections, and repairs at the most affordable costs.

Discuss the AC filters, coils, and fins with the installation
company and how often they will perform the maintenance to ensure the unit runs
efficiently and effectively throughout its years of service.

How to make your New AC Last Longer?

How long do air conditioners last? It depends on how regularly
you perform the maintenance of your unit. Generally, a central air conditioner
lasts for 10 to 15 years. You can extend its lifespan by hiring a professional
AC maintenance company.

A reputable company has experienced and skilled technicians
who will maintain the system properly by:

Checking Airflow

Replace Air Filter

Clean condenser

Maintain evaporator coils

Clean drain line and drain pan

Lubricate blower and condenser fans

Check thermostat for optimal operation

Inspect electrical wirings and controls

Inspect ductwork and perform necessary actions

Check the air registers and clean them properly

Final Words

New AC installation becomes necessary when your air
conditioner unit is at least ten years old and does not perform optimally. If
you face problems like bad indoor air quality, broken AC components, loud
noises that lead to frequent repairs, we recommend hiring a professional
company for new AC installation. How long do air conditioners last? We have
already answered this question, but if you want it to last longer, we recommend
hiring an experienced HVAC
maintenance company