Many home designers both interior and exterior often give the same answer when asked about the quick, inexpensive way of creating a significant impact in a home. The answer is to use paint as it helps. However, what kind of sheen and color of the paint should be utilized? If you are not sure about the answers to these questions, make sure to contact a professional home expert before you begin to enhance your home. Utilize the below tricks and tips and witness the tremendous change in your home.

  1. Enhance Your Home by Tricking it Out with ColorUse accent walls.

Accent walls are ideal in some ways. Staining a single wall, particularly behind furniture, is a fantastic way of using color without feeling as if you are getting absorbed in it. One trick that you can always use is to try painting the wall behind your breakfast area or fireplace a single color that is visually striking.

  1. Paint your interior doors.

It is not obvious that you have to paint your doors the same color as the trims. Make your doors stand out by painting it a different color that is striking. You will be amazed at how snappy your doors would look and how the color adds life to the door.

  1. Paint windows.

If you have tintable windows, paint them a different hue from the surrounding trim. By staining your window with a different color, you would make it stand out from other rooms, and thus looking so sharp.

  1. No headboard for your bed?

No worries about that. Staining the wall behind the bed tricks the eye that there is a headboard. For you to make the effect even more prominent, stain a single strip of the wall behind the bed at the area where a headboard would be, and the bed would appear to be complete. You are however not limited to painting it only to the headboard height, but also run it all the way to the roof.

  1. Paint a kitchen accent wall.

Painting accent walls in the living room or bedroom are somewhat standard, but try staining an accent wall in the kitchen with the touch of something less expected.

  1. Use lacquer.

Lacquer is a particular type of paint often used for painting automobiles but ideally recommended for home use. Lacquer paint is brilliantly strong, has an incredible shine and is smooth. Therefore, you will need to hire a painter to help you get through the technicalities of the same. Try lacquer in the dining room to get an amazing sparkle at night.

  1. Paint your floors.

If you do not want to go the extra mile of refinishing your wooden floors, and you equally do not want to cover them using a carpet, then try painting. Indigo color floor paintings would look smashing in a bright white room.

  1. Gold

Gold is a rich-looking color that is striking and elegant on a master bedroom ceiling and dining room. Better yet, apply gold-colored paint to your trim in the dining room, living room or master bathroom for a touch of the golden Rococo design.