Many current homeowners just neglect the fact that they have to maintain their wooden fencing to improve on the lifetime. As a result, reducing the total number of years by close to 50%.

Painting and Proper Maintaining a Wooden Fence

Therefore, what does one need to do to keep the wooden fence looking in excellent condition and ideally protect the timber? The climate in some areas is harsh, thus important to take a few necessary steps to assist in protecting fences from such elements. For instance, your fence needs protection from the sun’s Ultra Violet rays in the summer, and winter is bringing about freezing and snow.

Truth be told, there is the likelihood of getting different seasons in a year. For this reason, a protective layer of stain, paint or stain can prevent any damage to the wood. Therefore, this is something that needs to be done one year after the other, to protect your fence against damages like discoloration or from becoming rotten from damp. The position of the fence is one other thing that needs consideration when determining the type of maintenance to use.

If your fence is located in open areas where it faces strong winds, exposed to direct sunlight for greater parts of the day or you live somewhere along the coastlines which additionally have issues to do with sea waves, then some level of extra maintenance practices must be laid down.

It is also important that you keep a close eye towards the base of your fence. In case it is in direct exposure to the ground, it is set to absorb moisture from the soil over time. Even if you have already fixed your wooden fence, it is critical that you maintain it throughout its existence to keep it durable and reliable.

With that in mind, this blog post aims at sharing a few of Lazy Susan’s tips on the right frequency of staining or sealing your fence panels, and how to protect it from the harsh weather environment it is exposed.

Basic DIY Fence Repairs

The primary aim of maintaining a wood fence is to ensure you repair any damages visible on the panels. A wooden fence can additionally be damaged in many ways ranging from rotting to splitting. Therefore, it is important that you try to maintain control over everything.

On the other hand, if damaged beyond repair, then make sure to get it replaced. That is the greatest advantage of such fences. You have the ability to repair or replace single pieces rather than the whole fence if needed.

Basic repairs that anyone with basic DIY skills can undertake include re-staining or re-painting and replacing fence panels. Both are easy tasks that you can do in a few hours.

Ensure to contact a professional who is well conversant with how to install poles onto the surface in a proper manner.

Alternatively, pressure washes your walls in case of any visible sightings of the mold using a little Ronseal Deck Cleaner to get it spotless. However, do not set the pressure too high as you can destroy the wood.