Easy Techniques for Painting Aluminum Sidings 

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The cracks and chips on aluminum siding are to be repaired, retouched and repainted for better looks. To do the job correctly, below are a few tips and tricks to get the job done correctly for perfect results.

Painting Aluminum SidingsFor exterior paint, the rain and sun are the leading causes of the faster rate with which the external aluminum paint wears and tears. The cracking of aluminum paint is not a simple cosmetic problem. The cracking, with time, allows air through the aluminum followed by the oxidation of aluminum, causing more damage to the paint. It is for this main reason why the cracks need timely repairing and repainting.

For you to paint the aluminum siding and make it last longer, the following tips should be helpful and provide perfect durable results.

  1. Do not paint in summer.

Paint needs time to dry for cure purposes. Therefore, it will have no time to heal in a humid climate. On the other hand, it would dry too fast due to exposure to direct sunlight or wind. To bond with the surface, it needs to dry at an appropriate speed. The time to paint needs to be in the season or week of overcast and dry weather.

  1. Desist from using power washers

The ideal surface to paint is that which is clean free of loose particles and is dry. Power washers should only be limited to use by qualified individuals only. In as much as it is the easiest way to eliminate dirt from the siding, possibilities of water getting behind the siding are high, which in turn can be responsible for a leak within the house. A mild detergent and a big sponge is the safest way to go about in cleaning the wall before painting for beginners and safety purposes.

  1. Sanding time should be sufficient

In as much as it is painstaking work to sand the whole of the exterior walls of a house, it is worth it. Certainly because the sanding activity is capable or removing the dirt and chips that washing could not eliminate. Employing the use of an electric sander is an easy way to go about it.

  1. An oil primer, not a latex primer

For priming purposes, a thinned metal-based and oil primer is the ideal priming element. In thinning the primer, one pint is enough to thin a whole gallon of paint. The use of latex based paint for priming is highly discourage since they have ammonia components in them. They thus bubble when used on metal surfaces and thus a discouraged.

  1. Tint primers

The paint to use as a finisher is to be utilized for tinting purposes on the primer.  It adds to the color consistency of the finishing coat and as such boosts the looks. The number of top coats to be used can also be reduced by the mere activity of tinting the primer.

  1. Use conversant tools

In case one has never employed the use of a hairless sprayer initially, there is no point in using it now. Using a paint sprayer without adequate knowledge can lead to an uneven thickness of paint on the walls. For smooth finishing, a foam hand roller is sufficient. For parts it cannot reach, a high-quality brush is good enough.

  1. Say no to cheapness

For the finishing aspects, an acrylic latex paint can be used without any harm. This because of the oil based primer initially used. The higher the acrylic resin content, the higher the price and this can translate to high durability of the paint on the walls. For a factory-finished look, a satin or low luster paint is the best option.

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Bold Color Combination Ideas for Walls and How to Get It Right

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A fresh paint job for the home interior unveils an exciting feel. However, selecting the best paint color or combinations is a daunting task. A color wheel is ideal to help you narrow down your options. Paint experts use the color wheel to determine how colors will look when combined before rolling them on the real wall. Shades besides each other on the color wheel like green and yellow make outstanding pairs. The same applies to shades of complementary colors, pairs found on opposite sides of the wheel. Here are ideas to help you find the best bold color combinations for your walls, and getting it right.

Bold Color Combination Ideas for WallsThe 60:30:10 Rule

Gray-green paint on drawers gives a unifying sixty percent base color for your kitchen. Blue accounts for thirty percent and highlights the room’s central area. Finally, red paint accounting for ten percent of the other surfaces within the room adds bright accents.

Make your living space uniform

Wall colors relating to each other pull the eye from one side of the room to the other, creating a steady flow.

Muted Opposites

Complementary shades of green and red, which are opposite each other on the color wheel, has a soothing effect on entryways and the adjacent rooms. If combined with a honey-stained wooden floor, olive green and brick red colors work as neutral earth shades.

Highlight your color selections with white

McGuire stated that staining trims with white ensured that warm and cool shades do not look dingy and too stark respectively. Therefore, boosting the immediate neighbors on the color wheel. In this case, a door casing acts as a frame, clearly setting off the warm yellow walls of the dining room.

Create an Accent Wall

A single color shade can set off a room’s best assets, be it built-in features or any extra furnishing you introduce.

Highlight Architecture using colors

Shading the exterior wall of an all-white space a leafy green color draws attention to its high ceiling as well as an exterior look glimpsed through French windows and doors. A vibrant color pick is ideal due to the abundance of sunlight, where anything more subdued appears washed out.

Set a Stage with paint

A deeper color most definitely becomes the backdrop for whatever color is before it. Bright red on an accent wall puts the attention on a collection of framed images while giving a warm, invigorating foil to the pale neutral furnishings of the room.

Define an Area in an Open Plan

Colored walls can delineate spaces for specific activities. A gray-green color behind a dining table helps in carving out a distinct dining area within a whitewashed kitchen space.

Play Up Ceilings

White makes a room feel airier, even though extra colors add personality and comfort where it is least expected.

Maximize lofty looks

The feeling of height can be implied simply by adding color to the inner layers of a coffered ceiling. A golden yellow stain adds depth whereas a tall wainscot that is painted white just like the coffers draws the eye towards the roof.

Warm up Walls and Windows

Painting a tongue-and-groove roof with bright red visually lowers it, making a glass-walled room feel cozier. Extra red items within the room reinforce the effect at ground level.

Be Bold in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a space oriented towards activity gathering. It is ideal for energetic color, with a quick exit from the traditional white.

Select shades of equal depth

Matching saturated stains, with apple green on the upper areas and grass green towards the lower brackets, create a balanced dynamic look. Concentrated shades often found in the lower portion of paint strips, with lighter tints towards the top.

Concentrate on the dominant color with neutrals

Caramel-tinted floors and beige walls bring out the warm yellow undertones in a cabinetry’s space stealing green paint. Black counter tops give an old-fashioned paint palette a new updated and sophisticated appearance.

Enhance an Open Feeling

Painting a back panel and the shelving unit a similar sunny yellow color used on the surrounding walls provides the built-in light an open view to balance any attached furniture.

Punch up trim and panels

A single color for all your woodwork gives a consistent, grounded look, be it in one room or all over the house.

Reverse the Conventional Scheme

Instead of the traditional arrangement of white trim fixed against a colored wall selected to match a laminate counter highlights door casing, crown molding and open shelving.

Link Spaces with Trim Paint

Utilizing similar paint for wall paneling, moldings, and doors, adds drama to a room. Select a dark hue to make enormous space seem snug. Go with a lighter color for a more expansive feel.

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A DIY Guide to Painting and Proper Maintaining a Wooden Fence

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Many current homeowners just neglect the fact that they have to maintain their wooden fencing to improve on the lifetime. As a result, reducing the total number of years by close to 50%.

Painting and Proper Maintaining a Wooden Fence

Therefore, what does one need to do to keep the wooden fence looking in excellent condition and ideally protect the timber? The climate in some areas is harsh, thus important to take a few necessary steps to assist in protecting fences from such elements. For instance, your fence needs protection from the sun’s Ultra Violet rays in the summer, and winter is bringing about freezing and snow.

Truth be told, there is the likelihood of getting different seasons in a year. For this reason, a protective layer of stain, paint or stain can prevent any damage to the wood. Therefore, this is something that needs to be done one year after the other, to protect your fence against damages like discoloration or from becoming rotten from damp. The position of the fence is one other thing that needs consideration when determining the type of maintenance to use.

If your fence is located in open areas where it faces strong winds, exposed to direct sunlight for greater parts of the day or you live somewhere along the coastlines which additionally have issues to do with sea waves, then some level of extra maintenance practices must be laid down.

It is also important that you keep a close eye towards the base of your fence. In case it is in direct exposure to the ground, it is set to absorb moisture from the soil over time. Even if you have already fixed your wooden fence, it is critical that you maintain it throughout its existence to keep it durable and reliable.

With that in mind, this blog post aims at sharing a few of Lazy Susan’s tips on the right frequency of staining or sealing your fence panels, and how to protect it from the harsh weather environment it is exposed.

Basic DIY Fence Repairs

The primary aim of maintaining a wood fence is to ensure you repair any damages visible on the panels. A wooden fence can additionally be damaged in many ways ranging from rotting to splitting. Therefore, it is important that you try to maintain control over everything.

On the other hand, if damaged beyond repair, then make sure to get it replaced. That is the greatest advantage of such fences. You have the ability to repair or replace single pieces rather than the whole fence if needed.

Basic repairs that anyone with basic DIY skills can undertake include re-staining or re-painting and replacing fence panels. Both are easy tasks that you can do in a few hours.

Ensure to contact a professional who is well conversant with how to install poles onto the surface in a proper manner.

Alternatively, pressure washes your walls in case of any visible sightings of the mold using a little Ronseal Deck Cleaner to get it spotless. However, do not set the pressure too high as you can destroy the wood.

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Home Improvement Companies

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There are many lists of sites and names of home improvement companies that you can find online offering various options.   If you are buying a home in which you need some fixing up or you are selling your home and want to improve it for a better sale, or if you are just remodeling and redecorating your property, you can choose from the long lists.

A lot of them are experts in certain products, then you can contact the company which you need.  On the other hand there are some who supply contractors, who are able to supervise and take up many odd jobs to be done in your house.

Big Companies

Home improvement companies could be big or small.  The 2006 Specialty 200 List includes the biggest home improvement companies in the USA, who only do exterior work.  This kind of work includes window replacements, sidings, roofings, decks and sunrooms.  Most of the companies out there show a high annual sale of window replacements.  It is the largest category followed by sunrooms and then sidings.

All these big home improvement companies invest huge amounts in marketing campaigns, website developments, and databases which are technologically driven.  Now even big companies are concentrating hugely on websites so that the homeowner can check out the company prior to making a phone call.  The websites cite all offerings; there are statements from previous customers as well as a mention of the industry awards that the company has been honored with.

Big home improvement companies are also generating leads which are of good quality.  If they produce enough leads they can go out and close at a high percentage rate and have enough business to bring profits to the company.  They are also adding more contract lines to their business, like including handyman services and insurance restoration.

Small Companies

There are many smaller specialized companies which provide specialized services only.  For example, a business which sells heaters sells all the types of heaters like ceramic heaters, space heaters, garage heaters, etc.  They advise, and then install the heater as well as do an after-sales service.

For your personal safety system you will find companies that provide the electronic gadgets like security cameras, videos, alarm systems or burglar systems. In addition they provide private investigators, bodyguards, chauffeurs, as well as armed security guards.  The services are provided nationwide, so just investigate website where it is available and you can acquire their services anywhere in the country.

There are some special home design services that are a part of the home improvement companies.  A company called American Home Design is really a home improvement and home remodeling company.  They offer any remodeling required in the home from sunrooms, sidings to pools and spas. Such companies have service professionals, contractors and sub contractors, designers and remodelers.

There are bathroom and kitchen specialists, who can supply you the essential fittings and remodel the rooms according to your choice.  You can choose the material from their store and they’ll provide you with the contractors and carry out all of the remodeling work.

Often the estimates given by such companies are free of cost.  Even small companies strive to provide their clients with quality craftsmanship, competitive rates and exceptional customer service.

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